You can help Special Education students with their uphill battle.

By donating to this scholarship for higher education for Special Education students, you will help to clear some of the obstacles to graduate and move forward. Some people don’t realize that Special Education students may work twice as hard as the average student. When they achieve a C grade it can be a celebration!

However, C grades typically won’t get them scholarships and college tuition can be a financial deterrent. Many students are not able to participate in extra curricular activities due to the amount of extra time it takes for them to study and do homework, further limiting the ability to develop the athletic skills for a future athletic scholarships.

Many Special Education students may participate in costly after school programs such as; Speech Therapy, Occupational or Physical Therapy. Further limiting their time it takes to achieve satisfactory competing grades.


Monrovia High School Scholarships 2016 | NDM Charities

Our Annual Monrovia High School Scholarships for 2017


at the MHS Awards Ceremony in Monrovia HS Auditorium

Since 2011, Never a Dull Moment ( has granted scholarships to selected individuals graduating Monrovia High School. Our scholarships are unique, in which, each is based upon financial need and ambition to further one’s education. Traditional scholarships are solely based upon academic superiority. We realized that many graduates have different levels of achievement. Some may be just realizing their potential. Others may have the notion that college is unreachable.

NDM seeks to help those applicants with the ambition to grow and seek to contribute back to society through higher education. Help NEVER A DULL MOMENT promote the higher educational goals of ambitious Monrovia High School graduates.

Everything counts. Donate now! All proceeds benefit selected graduating applicants.

Monrovia Scholarship Fund | NDM Charities


100 Wave Challenge | NDM Charities

Surf With The PROS!!

Join NDM Charities in supporting the 100 Wave Challenge, raising funds for the Boys to Men Project. On Saturday, September 23th, 2017, hundreds of surfers will hit the water at Mission Beach to support Boys to Men Mentoring and help boys become good men. Shaun Tomson, Damien Hobgood and their friends will be there. Don’t miss this opportunity to surf with the pros!

The goal is for each surfer to raise $1,000 for Boys to Men Mentoring and attempt to catch 100 waves in 1 day. Whether you catch 100 waves or 20 waves, you will leave the water knowing you made a difference. Last Year over $350,000 was raised to support this fine organization.

John Carney Named to Board of Directors

NDM Charities Announces a New Board Member

John Carney | NDM Charities Board of DirectorsNDM Charities announced today that John Carney, who is already involved in NDM Charities, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board of Directors for NDM Charities; a force focused on People Giving Back to People.

John Carney and Christian McCart grew up together in Monrovia California. As life would have it, they lost touch with each other for some time after high school graduation. Life choices steered John into the turmoil of addiction and presently Recovery. Sober for over 8 years and now an Addiction Recovery Specialist, John has experienced both sides of the fence. Restoring his life by helping those afflicted by similar life choices, John has learned that people are capable of helping themselves with the support and guidance of others.

By the Universe’s intervention, John and Christian crossed paths again in 2013. In reminiscing about their life’s experience’s John was influenced by Christians conception and contributions of NDM. A new calling had presented itself and John joined forces in another altruistic venture.

John looks forward to providing his services toward the causes NDM supports and is proud to implement his past experiences and knowledge for those causes.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” The origin of this quote is not clear.

“Many people go farther than they think they could go because someone thought they could go farther than they could go”, John C. Maxwell.

The truth in these messages are foundations in thought for John. “If people are shown that they are cared about, a strong connection can form. That connection can be the start of a great transformation.”

Never a Dull Moment Charities presents a platform towards change.


Christian McCart

“The charity will save lives and help families worldwide; we are the people giving back to the people.” Read More...

Laura Doyle

“When people unite, they can see the good things grow together” Read More...

Travis Whittle

“I felt part of something so much bigger than myself" Read More...

John Carney

"Never a Dull Moment Charities presents a platform towards change." Read More...


Los Angeles Ride For Kids 2017

Pediatric Brain Foundation

Date: October 29, 2017
REGISTRATION: 8 to 9:30 a.m.

Find out more on the Ride Page: LA Ride For Kids 2017

  • Enjoy a fun ride, food and entertainment!
  • Cheer our Stars, local children fighting brain tumors
  • Raise funds to earn incentives like T-shirts, jackets and more
  • Get a chance to win a new Honda motorcycle and other great prizes (see rules below)
  • Connect with other enthusiasts for a great cause
  • Come join us with any make or model of street legal motorcycle, or just enjoy the day with family and friends!

By raising funds for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, you’ll give kids battling the deadliest form of childhood cancer a brighter future.

Ride for Kids 2017
John Carney Named to Board of Directors

John Carney Named to Board of Directors

NDM Charities announced today that John Carney has been named Chief Operating Officer, and a member of the Board of Directors. By the Universe's intervention, John and Christian crossed paths again in 2013. In reminiscing about their life’s experience’s John was...

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Surf With The PROS!!

Surf With The PROS!!

Join NDM Charities in Supporting the 100 Wave Challenge We are raising funds for the Boys to Men Project. On Saturday, September 17th, hundreds of surfers will hit the water at Mission Beach to support Boys to Men Mentoring and help boys become good men. Shaun Tomson,...

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Cruiser Palooza 2016 Fundraiser

Cruiser Palooza 2016 Fundraiser

Join us as we continue our support for Cruise Bogle at the annual Cruiser Palooza 2016 fundraiser on April 23, 2016 at the Delray Beach Playhouse in Delray Beach, Florida. Live Bands, Food and Drinks, Silent/Live Auction from 5:00pm to 11:00pm. Cruiser Palooza 2016...

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Best Coast Beer Fest

Best Coast Beer Fest

Hate Cancer? Love Beer? Join Us for Best Coast Beer Fest March 12th March 12, 2016 Embarcadero Park San Diego One of the finest beer festivals around, the Best Coast Beer Fest is raising money for its favorite charity, We support this great...

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San Diego Ride for Kids 2015

San Diego Ride for Kids 2015

NDM Charities was there to support the Ride for Kids 2015 for the 10th consecutive year, as thousands of dollars were raised to help find a cure for pediatric brain tumors in children.

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Luau & Legends of Surfing Invitational

Luau & Legends of Surfing Invitational

Surfing for a Cure Benefiting UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Sunday, August 9, 2015 22 Years of Surfing For A Cure Event Artist Announcing Matt Beard as the 2015 Luau & Legends of Surfing Invitational Event Artist.  

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We are “The People that Give Back to the People”.  Together we can make a difference!

Alyssa Jacey

Working with Christian, from the start, has been an absolute pleasure. He’s inspiring, loves so many different genres of music and supports local artists when he can by posting links to our pages on his sites, spreading the word to friends or just showing up to shows! Most of all, he simply likes helping people in general! Christian is what some would call a “do-gooder,” in that he just wants there to be peace in the world and therefore does as much good as he can to help that dream come true. I respect him and his dream and that’s why I will continue to work with him.

Gary Magee

I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know Christian over the last few years as we worked together during San Diego’s Ride For Kids event. He has been an invaluable help as the Task Force Visitation Leader, managing our networking team and recruiting more people to help out. The continued success and growth of our event is due to his great enthusiasm and work ethic. We have set fundraising records in San Diego 2 out of the last 3 years and are on goal to raise $70,000 throughout 2010.

Brie Cardosa

I first came to know Christian when working for him as a volunteer at the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Ride for Kids. When Christian learned of my plans to hold a charity event at our restaurant he immediately offered his assistance. With the help of Christian we held a very successful fundraiser achieving donations of nearly $20,000. I would highly recommend Christian for any project where his skills and contacts within the community can be put to use for the greater good. Thanks Christian!