NDM (NEVER A DULL MOMENT “NDM” CHARITIES) is a (501(C)3) nonprofit organization that hosts charitable sporting events such as golf and poker tournaments, benefit concerts, auctions, banquets, motorcycle rides, providing support for cancer research, environmental, and Veterans funds.  It is through charity and these events we would like NDM to become recognized nationwide, known especially for our contributions and efforts supporting all cancer research.


The objective of NDM is to establish and maintain a non-profit charity the holds sporting & entertainment events to raise and distribute funds to cancer foundations.  Our goal is philanthropy & direct community involvement.  NDM is committed to a global conscious approach. We proudly exemplify humanitarian efforts and environmental responsibilities with the highest integrity.

Christian McCart

Christian McCart

Founder and President

“The charity will save lives and help families worldwide; we are the people giving back to the people”

Laura Doyle

Laura Doyle

Admin and Events Coordinator

“When people unite, they can see the good things grow together”

Travis Whittle

Travis Whittle

Coordintator, Volunteer Organizer

“I felt part of something so much bigger than myself. The strength I have to go out and accomplish my dreams will always derive from close friends, people like Christian, and especially my parents.”

John Carney

John Carney

Chief Operating Officer

John and Christian grew up together in Monrovia California. As life would have it, they lost touch with each other for some time after high school graduation. Life choices steered John into the turmoil of addiction and presently Recovery.  Sober for over 8 years and now an Addiction Recovery Specialist, John has experienced both sides of the fence. Restoring his life by helping those afflicted by similar life choices, John has learned that people are capable of helping themselves with the support and guidance of others.

By the Universe’s intervention, John and Christian crossed paths again in 2013. In reminiscing about their life’s experience’s John was influenced by Christians conception and contributions of NDM. A new calling had presented itself and John joined forces in another altruistic venture.

John looks forward to providing his services toward the causes NDM supports and is proud to implement his past experiences and knowledge for those causes.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” The origin of this quote is not clear.

“Many people go farther than they think they could go because someone thought they could go farther than they could go”, John C. Maxwell.

The truth in these messages are foundations in thought for John. “If people are shown that they are cared about, a strong connection can form. That connection can be the start of a great transformation.”

Never a Dull Moment Charities presents a platform towards change.

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