Your continued support makes our on going efforts possible. Never a Dull Moment Charity Foundation (NEVER A DULL MOMENT “NDM” CHARITIES) offers various donation methods to fit your needs and donations may be tax deductible. NDM appreciates every donation and accept various means of contribution:

Cash Gifts: The most convenient way to contribute to NDM. We also accept checks made payable to “Never a Dull Moment Charities.”

Memorial & Tribute Gifts: Donating to cancer research in memory of a loved one, in support of another’s courageous battle with cancer, or in honor of any occasion can be a thoughtful and appropriate way to remember others.

Employer Matching Gifts: Employer matching gift programs can increase your giving to NDM Charities by double or more. Check if your employer will match your charitable donations.

Property or Securities Donations: Gifts of real estate, stocks, bonds, and other securities can be of significant benefit to our programs while also providing you tax advantages.

Car & other Vehicle Donations: Donate an old car or vehicle (boat, campers, etc). We’ll arrange to have your vehicle picked up, and the proceeds from the sale of your used vehicle will benefit our foundation’s efforts.

Planned Giving Options: Naming NDM Charities in your will or estate plans, including charitable annuities and trusts as well as life insurance and retirement plan gifts, can benefit many.

Workplace Giving: Employees can provide ongoing support through regular payroll deductions, especially if their companies provide matching gifts.

Please Contact us for further information on how you can make a difference!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Christian McCart, NDM Charities Founder & President

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