NDM Team

20150627_080524AAChristian McCart, NDM Founder & President

In 1967, Christian McCart was born at St. Jude’s hospital in Fullerton California.  Since an early age he has always had a heart for charity and helping those in need.

During his early twenties Christian began traveling globally in the import business.  The inspiration for charity was strengthened during his travels.  A great feeling of purpose consumed Christian while contributing gifts to thankful children in developing countries.

Christian’s passion and drive is unparalleled. The spectrum of help is broad, and due to his dedication and commitment to the organization we are a successful and growing charity.  For the last 13yrs Christian has held fundraisers and charitable events to benefit those fighting against Cancer.

“The charity will save lives and help families worldwide; we are the people giving back to the people”.
Christian McCart / Christian@NDMCharities.org / (760) 492-1919 / 1512 Summit Avenue Cardiff, CA 92007

Laura doyle, NDM Charities Admin and Events coordinatorLaura Doyle,  NDM Admin & Events

Laura was raised in the Bronx, NY and moved to Carlsbad in 1997 with her children.  Laura encouraged her children to participate in local sports and together they became active within the community.

While donating clothing, it was at Father Joe Carroll’s in San Diego where Laura first met some of the people who influenced the rest of her life.  Laura began volunteering her time and efforts with Father Joe’s foundation and met many more people who wanted to be part of society and live productive, drug-free lives.  Just seeing the smiles of appreciation and feeling the thank-yous gave Laura a sense of fulfillment & satisfaction.   Laura continued to contribute to their lives, building their people skills and better preparing ones in need for interviewing in the real world.  Laura firmly believes in giving people the right tools to succeed.

Laura met Christian McCart shortly thereafter and cultivated an incredible friendship.  Working together and believing the same foundational values, Never a Dull Moment came alive with great pride.

“When people unite, they can see the good things grow together”.
Laura Doyle / Laura@NDMCharities.org / (760) 525-8865

Travis-Whittle-NDM-CharitiesTravis J. Whittle, NDM Coordinator & Volunteer Organizer

Originally from Washington state, Travis was inspired to contribute at a very young age. Travis met Christian on a fishing trip after moving to Carlsbad just a few years ago.  Coaching basketball for the middle school league, Travis has a younger brother who assists with managing the players.

Travis has always believed in “The People Giving Back to the People” which led to his current involvement with NDM Charities.

Participating in many events with NDM, such as the Veteran’s Day Parade and our Luaus, Travis has displayed a passionate and dedicated ethic to charity and helping others.

“I felt part of something so much bigger than myself.  The strength I have to go out and accomplish my dreams will always derive from close friends, people like Christian, and especially my parents.”

Travis J. Whittle / Travis@NDMcharities.org / (760) 473-7232